Changing time unit

Hi everyboby

I'm a newby. I'm wondering if it is possible to change the time unit form day to week of month. For some quite long project a daily schedule is a nightmare to manage.




I just played with this a

I just played with this a bit. I tried to set Monday through Thursday as non-working days. Friday was set as a 24 hour work day. Now 1 day tasks show as a whole week. The linking of tasks is a little crazy though.


Task spanning

Hey there,  your tasks is displaying the span over time and will overlap the non-working time.  We will have a future option to not span so it will visually display differently.  Your case is a bit unusual but lesser cases also show an extended bar....


Timescaling to overview or to print



On long projects, we need to overview all in only one page (synthetisis of the project).

It' necessary to dilate or to expand the time scale without to modify the size of the commentars or the name of the tasks.

It's another thing to optimize the size of document to print and to change the time scale.

How to change the time scale with the version 1.5.7?


how to change the time scale

I´m a newby as well and just fund the way (super easy): in the resources tab, use zoom in or out.